We value our patients' experience at Cornerstone Health and Wellness. 

Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I had a horrible jaw dislocation this morning and it caused severe pain and discomfort. The Masseter muscle (jaw muscle) is one of the strongest in the human body, and with the dislocation, it was so stiff, so tensed, and so locked up. I came to Dr. Steve because I knew he is the chiropractor who could help. Dr. Steve took the time to relax the jaw muscle and slowly slide it back in. After the fix, 99% of the pain was gone. I felt so much better and alive again. Thank you, Dr. Steve, you are awesome!"
    Hilary L.
  • "The team at Cornerstone Health and Wellness is the best for chiropractic care and overall wellness. I went in after my wife had been raving about her chiropractic experience and she wanted to get my neck checked out. I had no idea that beginning care at Cornerstone would lead me on a complete health journey. Dr. Steven Dotson really took his time with me on every visit, educating me on my spine and nervous system. He also worked with me on my less than stellar nutritional habits and how to have a more balanced diet. With his help and being regularly adjusted, not only is my neck stiffness gone but my chronic allergies are almost a distant memory. I recommend Cornerstone Health and Wellness to any and everyone!"
    Stephen S.
  • "What I like about Dr. Steve Dodson at Cornerstone Health & Wellness is that he thouroughly explains the biomechanics and health benefits involved in every procedure he does. He's professional while keeping a light-hearted and fun environment to his clients. Ask for the Faktor blade to get those knots out!"
    Matthew B.
  • "Best chiropractic experience I've ever had!!!! Dr. Steve is amazing and I've had significant relief in neck and back pain."
    Lori H.
  • "I started going to cornerstone last year when I went in for a consultation just out of curiosity. I found out that I had some serious neck issues, as well as other internal body issues that I had no idea about! After working from home at a desk for so long, I had got used to carrying my head too far forward, causing me head and back pains almost daily. I started getting treated by Dr Steve and have already seen in improvement! I definitely plan to continue going to Cornerstone as much as I can! Dr Steve is very kind and knowledgeable, and their office manager, Chelsea, is super sweet and is great an answering all my questions. I would recommend this chiropractic office to anyone!"
    Katie S.
  • "Absolutely recommend. Dr. Steve is like a chiropractic ninja! I went in with horrible neck pain and limited range of motion. After his prescribed treatments, my neck is back to feeling great again and have full range back! Thanks Dr. Steve!!"
    Keith T.
  • "I have had back, hip and knee problems for years. Dr. Steve has been working on all three areas and I've seen tremendous improvement. He explains each area he's working on and how he's making adjustments for improvement. He's guided me with exercises that strengthen all problem areas. I highly recommend Cornerstone to improve your quality of life."
    Joe W.
  • "Dr. Steve and his staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I've been seeing chiropractors for years, and I highly recommend him. He always knows what needs work, and the Faktr Tool (metal device) fixed an injury that had been bothering me for almost 3 years!!! I'm a life long athlete, so I put a lot of wear and tear on my body. Dr. Steve keeps me feeling ready to ready to train on higher level. Cornerstone Health & Wellness is where I will keep going from now on."
    Kristy J.
  • "Dr. Steve and Chelsea are such a great team to work with! They went out of their way to make me feel comfortable throughout my treatment plan. When I came in with terrible neck and back pain, Chelsea helped me create an affordable plan that would get me out of pain. I highly recommend their chiropractic services to anyone. They also have an Ozone Machine and other cutting edge therapy. I will continue to use their services on a maintenance basis."
    Kathryn H.
  • "Dr. Steve is amazing. Always willing to help and extremely knowledgable. I have been seeing him for about 2 years and every time I leave, I am grateful for the relief that I get. I would recommend Cornerstone Health and Wellness to anyone."
    Jennifer S.
  • "Dr. Steve has helped my low back and neck issues. He is awesome. I highly recommend all of Dr. Steve's services."
    Sherry G.
  • "I have not ever been a believer in chiropractic treatment, but I have seen a drastic difference in my wife's posture and back issues. Dr. Steve is very professional and I see a lot of people that otherwise gave up come in and get help. The staff members are friendly and make you feel welcome."
    Robert S.
  • "Great experience!"
  • "Dr Dotson is amazing his team is great. The entire group are super nice and very helpful. Dr. Dotson focus is getting everyone he meets better. I have two herniated disk in my lower back and have had issues for years with pain and discomfort. Had a major flare up almost a year ago finally decided to go to see a chiropractor and picked Dr Steve Dotson. One of the best choices I've made. I now can stand upright with no pain I can move with no pain. I was so out of whack that standing was nearly impossible. It was buy no means an over night fix and it has taken time but I will say well worth it. If your experiencing pain do yourself a favor and go see Dr Dotson and his team. You wont regret it."
    Micah M.
  • "You will not find a better doc or office staff. From the 1st second you call you feel the commitment, care and the overall friendliness from Dr. Steve. They're accommodating and go beyond the call of duty to make sure you receive the best service. Dr. Steve customizes a treatment plan for your individual needs to get you the best results possible. Try him and you will not be disappointed."
    Annetria H.
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Steve’s for 3 1/2 years. In 40+ years I have been to numerous chiropractors and without a doubt Dr. Steve Is #1 He treats the patient individually and considers all components of the person physically, emotionally & spiritually. He will take the time if you need it and have the time or he can get you in and out promptly. His staff is a delight...always eager to help and very friendly. I highly and Cornerstone Wellness!"
    Kathleen C.
  • "After seeing several other chiropractors and physical therapists, over the course of a year, for a neck and upper back issue; Dr Dotson fixed me in 12 visits.

    Do yourself a favor and start treatment here immediately and follow his recommendations."
    Bill C.
  • "Dr. Steve is awesome"
    Jesse D.
  • "I was crippled and Dr. Steve helped me walk again. Dr. Steve is basically Jesus."
    Johnny N.
  • "I walked in 30min before closing and they managed to squeeze me in for a full adjustment; hips, back, neck and shoulders. Very positive and professional. 10/10 I would go again!"
    Joseph R.
  • "I have three bulging discs that have bothered me for years. I was in a lot of pain and had a hard time even walking before my first visit. After only 3 visits my pain is almost gone and my back feels better than it has in years."
    Rick S.
  • "Dr. Dotson and his family go out of their way to accommodate my family and I. I visit Dr. Dotson weekly and even bring my kidos in. Highly recommend visiting Dr. Dotson and his staff."
    Kelly H.
  • "Dr Steven is amazing! Not only my back and hip are much better but my overall help has improved, he has also a very positive energy which I love."
    Betsy A.
  • "My knees hurt so bad I had trouble walking. Had to lean heavily on a cane. Was thinking of quiting my cashier job and retire early, selling the house I just bought and move into an appartment and get a walker or moterized chair. Then a co-worker told me about Dr. Steve. Made an appointment. After the first treatment I could walk easier. A few weeks later-no cane. I can slow jog down my hallway ((labout 20ft each way). Do yard work. Kept my job, my house and now I have a dog. Highly recomend Dr. Steve."
    Gail D.
  • "Great Doctor with amazing individualized therapy. Very inspirational and encouraging and takes time to know you and parts of your life. Energetic, Enthusiastic, and focused on serving his community. Great job Dr. Steve."
    Damon G.
  • "Dr. Steve helped alleviate so many of my problems and pain during pregnancy, and even helped with allowing my body to be prepared for labor when it was time to have my baby! Immediately after birth I went for more treatments, and am amazed at how great I felt so soon after. I will be continuing my treatments, along with treatments for my kids, from here forward!"
    H M
  • "Dr. Steve is patient and listens to my concerns. He was thorough, gentle and effective. I highly recommend him if you are in pain."
    Gynette B.
  • "Dr. Steve is a first class act and a pleasure to deal with at all times! Best chiropractor in DFW!"
    Jeffrey S.
  • "I've been seeing Doctor Steve for years. I always leave feeling great and I stay that way for awhile! It can be months between visits and he ALWAYS remembers me by name. He takes a genuine interest in your well being and will address any issues or concerns you have. I wont go anywhere else. He's amazing and chiropractic is an amazing treatment."
  • "Dr. Steve is by far the best chiropractor I've been to. He went above and beyond to make sure I had the best care and was extremely thorough in his approach/ technique. I was extremely impressed and pleased with the services I received. Excellent bedside manners too! I will definitely be returning."
    Daisy P.
  • "I went to see Dr Dotson when I was in pain last week. His front desk lady was kind enough to work me onto their schedule and his adjustment and treatment helped provide great relief! Truly grateful for his time & care to help me. ( I'm a dentist and to say that my profession does a number on my back & neck is an understatement). Dr Dotson was awesome!"
    Aditi S.


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